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For Prospective Fathers, Pay Attention to Your Lifestyle for Children

The health of the child from the womb is not determined by the lifestyle of the prospective mother, but also by the lifestyle of the prospective father. Therefore, prospective fathers also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle for their children. A healthy lifestyle adopted by a prospective father can prevent various health problems in the child from the womb, at birth, until when undergoing growth. Important Things to Look for in a Prospective Dad's Lifestyle There are 3 important things that need to be applied by prospective fathers in order to support the health and development of children from the womb, namely: 1. Apply a nutritious and balanced diet A study shows that obese men are more likely to have obese children as well. Though obesity can increase the risk of various health problems, such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, and some types of cancer. Therefore, as a prospective father, as much as possible have an ideal body weight from now on. One of them is by adopting
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Husbands, Understand Post-Birth Depression That Can Attack Your Wife

As a new parent, the presence of a baby will certainly bring extraordinary happiness to you and your family. But sometimes, this happiness may not be felt by your wife. If after giving birth she looks depressed, sad, and helpless, this may be a sign that your wife is experiencing postpartum depression. Postpartum depression (postpartum depression) is a type of depression that occurs after childbirth. Because the symptoms are similar, this condition is often considered the same as baby blues. In fact, the two are different things Both postpartum depression and baby blues can occur in the early weeks after giving birth. The difference is in how long the symptoms last. Baby blues usually last for 2 weeks until they subside on their own. While postpartum depression can last for several weeks to several months, and the symptoms will not subside alone without treatment. Why Does Your Wife Have Postpartum Depression? The cause of postpartum depression is not known with certainty. Howev

Black Baby Lips, Beware of the Causes

Baby's lips are black or appear bluish and darker can be a symptom of a serious disorder. This condition must be watched out for and should receive medical treatment immediately. In medical terms, the condition of baby's lips is black or purplish blue and looks darker can be caused by a condition called cyanosis. In white people, cyanosis is more clearly seen with a bluish or purplish color on the skin, whereas in dark people will be more pronounced in membrane areas such as the lips and gums which become darker or blackish. Cyanosis occurs when the supply of oxygen carried by blood cells to the body's tissues is too little or inadequate. Bluish or blackish lip color is caused by hemoglobin levels that are too little in blood cells that are near the surface of the skin. Hemoglobin is a molecule that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen. High oxygen levels will cause bright red hemoglobin, while low oxygen will make hemoglobin appear bluish in color. Baby's lips a